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To inspire kids to learn, explore and create with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.


STEMKraft was created by passionate parents who want to inspire the future generation to explore, learn and create. At STEMKraft, the focus is on learning by building and by trial and error.

Learn by Doing

Hands on approach method to learn STEM concepts is backed by scientific studies. Our class materials include carefully curated topics and experiments from Physics, Chemistry, Art, Design, Mathematics and Computer Science.


"Why" method to learning STEM concepts is based on experiential learning that kids naturally exhibit during their development. Our goal is to guide their curiosity and passion for exploration by presenting carefully chosen and adapted experiments from sources such as NASA, JPL, National and International Science Olympiads, ARRL HAM Radio, Robotics, MARS Rover, Lunar Rover, BEAM Robots, Cryptography, Astronomy and many more.

Scientific history

Based on our curiosity for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, we have designed the program to not only teach science but also learn about the scientists, history of invention, application of the concepts in day-to-day life and to instill curiosity in kids to explore beyond classroom.

Passionate teachers

STEMKraft teachers are passionate parents with advanced degrees in science and education. We are passionate about teaching and inspiring students in STEM field. Our motivation is to kindle the curiosity and the spark in kids to explore the fascinating field of STEM.

small class

We believe in high quality interaction and continuous learning for building effective learning skills. Our class sizes are limited to 4-8 students. We also interact with students through take-home exercises, Q&A sessions, debug sessions throughout the duration of our courses.

High Quality Kits

We build our kits from scratch for each module to deliver highest quality experience. All materials and kits are included in the cost of the program as a part of promise to provide continuous learning experience.

what parents and students are saying ?

"The part I liked most about today's class was when we did the simulator and when we did the experiment."

"I like this class because it is informative and they explain it in a simple way."

"The energy and how it works like making a motor and making a lemon charge the calculator."

"I would like to thank you for your wonderful sessions. Both of the sessions, young scientist and young coder are extremely helpful for the kids. My kids really enjoyed your sessions."

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