Young Coder

Young coder

  • Learn about the fundamentals of computer science.

  • Explore analytical thinking and design games

  • Create animations, games, AI and more


  • Transition from physical blocks to coding blocks

  • Assemble blocks of code to animate words and objects.

  • Explore logical reasoning and bring life to characters on screen.

  • Ages:

    1. 6-8

  • Pre-requisites :

    1. None


Level 1:

    • Learn the nuances of analytical thinking.

    • Explore decision making with coding blocks

    • Create games and let your imagination take flight.

Level 2:

    • Learn how to put together scenes and animate your story.

    • Explore the logistics of game making further.

    • Look under the hood into the actual coding that makes blocks work.

Level 3:

    • Learn to adapt a real world scenario.

    • Explore the basics of machine learning.

    • Create an AI project.

  • Ages:

    • 8-10, 9-11

  • Pre-requisites :

    • Budding and Previous Levels


Level 1:

  • Learn the words that make up a programming language and write code.

  • Explore the role of math in coding and play with the Turtle.

  • Can your computer do what you ask it to? Is it magic or logic?

Level 2:

  • Play with words and create text based games.

  • Explore functions and learn how to reuse code .

  • Create your own game or art using a graphic module.

Level 3:

  • Delve into machine learning.

  • Explore and adapt real life scenarios into AI projects

  • Create Machine Learning Projects

  • Ages:

    1. 10-12, 12-14

  • Pre-requisites :

    1. Budding, Beginner and Previous Levels

    2. Moderate typing ability.

    3. Reading and writing skills.

    4. A basic knowledge of Algebra


Level 1: C Programming

  • Learn about classes and methods.

  • Practice writing code in the C language.

  • Develop your own text based story or game

Level 2: Java Programming

  • Learn the basic concepts of ‘Object Oriented Programming’ with Java.

  • Adapt your project from the C language to Java.

  • Explore the opportunities that Java provides to develop your creation further.

Level 3: Machine learning

  • Instructor led mini projects working on converting a real life scenario into an AI project.

  • Ages:

    1. 12+

  • Pre-requisites :

    1. Budding, Beginner, Intermediate and Previous Levels

    2. Moderate typing ability.

    3. Reading and writing skills.

    4. A basic knowledge of Algebra

    5. Exposure to high school physics, chemistry, math and computer science concepts