Young Scientist

Young Scientist

  • Learn about Fundamentals of Science

  • Create Fun and Engaging Experiments to learn about Energy, Motion, & Electricity.

  • Build and Explore Solar Cells, Motor, Cars, Telescope and Microscope.


  • Learn about the different types of energy and their conversion from one type of another.

  • Create Rubber-Band Rover to understand energy conversion.

  • Explore Solar, Mechanical, Electric, Wind, Hydro and Chemical energy sources.

    • Ages:

      • 8+

    • Pre-requisites :

      • None


  • Learn about Mechanics of Motion with Rovers, Cars and Boats.

  • Explore the Fundamentals of Bernoulli's principle, Planetary Motion and Conversion of Energy into Action.

  • Build motor, Mars Rover/Car etc

    • Ages:

      • 9+

    • Pre-requisites :

      • Budding and Previous Levels


Level 1:

  • Learn about fundamentals of electricity using simple analogy.

  • Explore experiments to understand electrical quantities and measurement.

  • Build fun circuits to demonstrate series and parallel connections.

Level 2:

  • Learn about fundamentals of electronic circuit using simple experiments.

  • Explore experiments to understand electrical quantities and measurement.

  • Build circuits using various components to understand better.

    • Ages:

      • 10+

    • Pre-requisites :

      • Beginner, Budding and Previous Levels


  • Learn fundamentals of Electronic circuit using real world examples

  • Explore various components available and understand its function

  • Build different electronic circuits and test its functionality

    • Ages:

      • 11+

    • Pre-requisites :

      • Budding, Beginner, intermediate and Previous Levels